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ISO Compliant Production Cycle

We have a ISO Compliant manufacturing system that is strictly supervised to maintain the highest quality standard.

Our Product Testing Protocol

We perform 13 tests to produce our cordless water flosser and countertop water flosser to ensure the effective, durable, safe, and user-friendly. Out of these, a few are listed below.

Needle-Flame Tester

We use Needel-Flame Tester to test the fire resistance and fire-retardant properties of various materials to ensure durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.

Water pressure test

We connect the water flosser to a water pressure gauge, which measures the pressure of the water stream as it is expelled from the flosser.

Our high-quality water flossers have water pressure of at least 30-100 PSI, which is strong enough to effectively remove plaque and debris from between teeth and along the gumline.


Leakage test

We run leakage test to ensure that there are no leaks in the device that could cause harm or damage.

The leakage test is an essential safety measure to ensure that the water flosser is functioning properly and won’t pose any risk to the user.

Noise level test

We run noise level test to help consumers to understand the level of noise produced by the water flossers during use and make informed decisions about product selection and use.

Aging Test

After production, our water flossers are subjected to 2190 times, 2 minutes each time aging test to ensure that the water flossers meet the quality and safety standards required by regulatory agencies and provides reliable and effective oral care for users over its expected lifespan.


Our company has 6-year experience in producing the best water flosser. These certifications are proof to the fact that we only supply with quality.